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April 25, 2024

Effective immediately, Peter McCallion has decided to withdraw his candidacy for Mayor of Mississauga and endorse Carolyn Parrish.

In light of recent polls,I have decided to withdraw my candidacy for Mayor and seek other ways to perform civic duties in my mother’s honour.

I am pleased to see Carolyn Parrish leading in those polls and happy to endorse her as our next mayor. My mother admired her greatly for the many improvements she brought to Malton area, especially the Youth Hub which benefits so many young people.

Carolyn’s strong convictions for the residents of Mississauga and no-nonsense approach to politics is reinforced by her willingness to save tax payors the costs of yet another byelection bystepping down from Ward Councillor to run for Mayor.

Carolyn is all in for Mayor and I am all in for Carolyn becoming the next mayor of Mississauga.

Peter McCallion

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