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Why I’m Running


Monday June 10, 2024 – 10am – 8pm

Thank you for the overwhelming support and endorsements. Get out and Vote Carolyn Parrish for Mayor this Monday June 10th, 2024. 10am-8pm Bring friends & family from Mississauga to the polls with you. Every vote matters!

About Parrish

Carolyn Parrish, BA, B.Ed, is a Canadian politician who has served her constituents at both the municipal and federal level.  Known for her straightforward style and passion for standing up for those without a voice, Carolyn has used her comprehensive knowledge of multiple levels of government and international affairs to shape policy at the local, federal and international level.  An ardent supporter of democratic renewal in the developing world, Carolyn has travelled extensively to monitor elections, to lead fact-finding missions, and to represent national and international Parliamentary Associations.

My Plan As Mayor

I’m Carolyn Parrish, running for Mayor of Mississauga. With a history of accomplishments, I’m dedicated to leading our city towards affordable living and great communities where everyone wants to live.  Let’s continue to work together to ensure a vibrant future that’s within everyone’s reach. Join me! 

Housing Affordability

Over 40,000 residents have moved out of Mississauga since the last census. A shortage of housing has increased prices to levels that are unaffordable to many, both for rental or purchase. In fact they are amongst the highest in the country.

Cost of Living

Mississauga residents are struggling with an ever-increasing cost of living. Much of the problem is as a result of the high cost of rent and the burden of mortgage renewal at often double the initial cost.

Improving Transportation

Public transit is the backbone of any progressive and affordable city. Reliable, quality service increases ridership, reduces road congestion and provides a safe, cost-effective means of moving around our city.

Creating Community

To build and enhance more inclusive communities in a big city such as ours, we need to foster friendly and inclusive neighbourhoods where neighbours live, shop, enjoy arts and participate in recreational activities.

Safety: A Growing Concern

Public safety is a growing concern in Mississauga. While still rated as one of Canada’s safest large cities, the recent doubling of car thefts with the associated incidents of break-ins and assaults has made our citizens feel vulnerable.




      Parrish, Leading The Way

      What People Say About Parrish

      “A wonderful 70th Anniversary Celebration of Trinity United Church on June 19, 2022. Hazel spoke of the value of Religious communities and the amazing changes Councillor Carolyn Parrish has brought to Malton. She encouraged us all to vote for her in the upcoming election.”

      – Ann Barclay, Board of Trinity United Church in Malton
      I’ve worked with Carolyn for over 35 years when I was a public School trustee and Chair of the Peel District School Board. The role of Mayor of Mississauga requires experience in handling a wide variety of responsibilities. It requires leadership and good relationships. Carolyn has the skills to work with city council, the province and the community. I appreciate all candidates who work hard to represent you but experience and credibility is paramount. For this reason I am supporting Carolyn Parrish for Mayor. I respectfully ask you to join me on June 10.

      – Janet McDougald