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I Endorse Parrish,

Leading The Way

“Mississauga will have its first new mayor in over 30 years. Strong, experienced Councillors will be necessary to assist with the transition, particularly in Ward 5 where needs are great.
We have chosen to support Carolyn Parrish because of her depth of experience as an MP and Councillor, her knowledge of the senior levels of government and her proven track record of getting things done.
We have become personal friends based on mutual respect and admiration. We wholeheartedly throw our support behind Carolyn and the wonderful plans she has for Ward 5. We pledge our assistance now and over the next four years.” — Former Council Candidate Simmer Kaur and Campaign Manager Manjinder Grewal

What Others Say About Carolyn…

“I am grateful to have gotten to know and work with Carolyn Parrish since 2015, when I was first elected to Mississauga City Council. She was one of the first Members of Council to reach out and offer to lend an ear at any time. Straight away, I found her direct approach and communication style to be refreshing. While Carolyn is known for ‘speaking her mind’, I had come to really appreciate her thoughtfulness and softer side, which I have always felt is overlooked. She is often portrayed by the media as a tough, no-nonsense veteran, and while she may have these traits, she is also a deeply caring and honest person.”

“Carolyn’s list of accomplishments as both a Councillor and former Member of Parliament is vast. She has the ability to ‘think big picture’ while successfully being able to execute each time on her vision. For 14 years, Carolyn has served as a Councillor and thus has the most municipal experience of all candidates currently running for Mayor. This is perhaps why – as the front runner of this Mayoral election – she has continued to face a barrage of criticism, much of it spun out of context by a few of her competitors. Like each one of us, she may be imperfect, but she has conviction and is a natural leader who understands Mississauga and its diverse needs. I am proud to have called Carolyn Parrish a colleague over these past several years and I know that she has the strength of character and leadership experience necessary to serve as Mississauga’s next Mayor.”

John Kovac Ward 4
“I am pleased to endorse Carolyn Parrish for Mayor of Mississauga. Carolyn’s extensive public service career, marked by dedication, integrity, and commitment, highlights her capability to effect positive change. Her experience as a Member of Parliament and municipal leader demonstrates her ability to address community needs. Carolyn’s innovative and practical vision for Mississauga, coupled with her inclusive policies and economic development advocacy, makes her an ideal candidate. Having worked closely with her, I am continually impressed by her professionalism and empathy. I urge all voters to support Carolyn Parrish for a future of prosperity, inclusivity, and growth in Mississauga.”
-Senator Victor Oh
“A wonderful 70th Anniversary Celebration of Trinity United Church on June 19, 2022. Hazel spoke of the value of Religious communities and the amazing changes Councillor Carolyn Parrish has brought to Malton. She encouraged us all to vote for her in the upcoming election.” – Ann Barclay, Board of Trinity United Church in Malton
“As Mayor of Caledon, I proudly endorse Carolyn Parrish for Mayor of Mississauga. Carolyn’s unwavering dedication to her community and her proven track record of effective leadership make her the ideal candidate to lead Mississauga forward. Her commitment to inclusivity, safety, and sustainable development aligns with the values we share across Peel Region. Carolyn’s passion for serving her constituents and her tireless work ethic make her the clear choice for Mayor. I urge all Mississauga residents to vote for Carolyn Parrish, a true advocate for progress and prosperity.”

– Annette Groves
“I am pleased to see Carolyn Parrish leading in those polls and happy to endorse her as our next mayor. My mother admired her greatly for the many improvements she brought to Malton area, especially the Youth Hub which benefits so many young people. Carolyn’s strong convictions for the residents of Mississauga and no-nonsense approach to politics is reinforced by her willingness to save tax payors the costs of yet another byelection by stepping down from Ward Councillor to run for Mayor. Carolyn is all in for Mayor and I am all in for Carolyn becoming the next mayor of Mississauga.”

– Peter McCallion
“Carolyn Parrish is an Experienced Proven Leader. There is not a problem that she cannot solve. With her 13 years of experience Federally and 13 Municipally, she is the best candidate to solve Mississauga’s Housing Crisis. She built four affordable homes in my Neighbourhood with Habitat for Humanity. That’s results!” 

– Manmeet Chhabra Coordinator, Seva Foodbank and Malton Resident.
I’ve worked with Carolyn for over 35 years when I was a public School trustee and Chair of the Peel District School Board. The role of Mayor of Mississauga requires experience in handling a wide variety of responsibilities. It requires leadership and good relationships.  Carolyn has the skills to work with city council, the province and the community. I appreciate all candidates who work hard to represent you but experience and credibility is paramount. For this reason I am supporting Carolyn Parrish for Mayor. I respectfully ask you to join me on June 10.

– Janet McDougald
As former City Manager and Commissioner of Community Services for the City of Mississauga, I have known and worked with Carolyn for many years. She is extremely hard working, “business” oriented, looks for practical solutions to complex local problems, focuses on results and always caring towards staff and the community. Carolyn takes every challenge with youthful vigor and enthusiasm. She is committed to addressing both City and Regional issues and is know for her thorough reading of Regional reports with a view towards protecting residents on issues affecting the City. She is experienced and beyond qualified for the role!

– Paul Mitcham
I am pleased to endorse Carolyn Parrish as the next Mayor of the City of Mississauga. I can attest to Carolyn’s exceptional leadership qualities, dedication to public service, and unwavering commitment to improving our community. During our time working together on Parliament Hill, Carolyn consistently demonstrated her strong work ethic and ability to bring people together to achieve common goals.

One of Carolyn’s greatest strengths is her passion for inclusivity and diversity. She has always been a vocal advocate for marginalized communities and has worked tirelessly to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard in decision-making processes. Her vision for a more equitable and inclusive city is exactly what Mississauga needs.

I have no doubt that Carolyn Parrish will be an outstanding Mayor who will lead the city with integrity, compassion, and vision.

– Gurbax Singh Malhi, Former Member of the House of Commons of Canada
“Carolyn has been a friend to the Vietnamese community for over 25 years. She was instrumental in the purchase of our land on Kennedy Road where our Phap Van Centre is today. We support her whole heartedly for Mayor.” 
— Andrew Luong, Elder of Phap Van Centre
I have known and been friends with Carolyn for over 40 years. We first met volunteering for the Counter Act Vandalism Prevention Committee. Since then I have watched her to be an excellent School Trustee, Member of Parliament and now a colleague on Mississauga City Council.

Carolyn has the strongest dedication and knowledge to be our next Mayor. We need her experience to work for and with us as we move this City forward.

I wholeheartedly support her to be the next Mayor of Mississauga.

Brad Butt
Councillor Ward 11
City of Mississauga
“Thank you for deciding to run for Mayorship. Your dedication and commitment to our city, region and community has been outstanding and I so deeply honour you as a passionate changemaker in this space, and it has not gone unnoticed to anyone really. I know how taxing a campaign can be and for resigning from your Ward 5 seat, that is even more commendable. Michelle Bilek Social Activist and advocate
“I wholeheartedly support Carolyn for Mayor of Mississauga. I worked with many Councilors during my 31 years on Council and Carolyn is the only one who is ready to lead what is a relatively new group of Councilors. She has proven her dedication to the City and the residents and works hard to improve the lives of us all. Her experience and knowledge of the City far exceeds that of any other candidate and I am proud to endorse her.

Former Councillor Pat Saito, Ward 9
“Experience and Leadership Matter: With four decades of proven leadership, Carolyn Parrish has demonstrated effective leadership as a School Board Chair, City Councillor, and Member of Parliament for our city. Dedicated to upholding our city’s strong fiscal tradition, she collaborates seamlessly with various government levels while fearlessly speaking her mind to protect and advance our city’s interests. Trust her to continue our city’s legacy of sound management and effective governance.”

Harinder Takhar
Former Ontario Cabinet Minister and Member of Provincial Parliament
“In the spirit of gratitude, we celebrate Councillor Carolyn Parrish – a dedicated advocate, a compassionate leader, and a shining example of the positive impact one individual can have on an entire community. Thank you for your unwavering support and commitment to making Malton a better place for everyone.”

Damion Smith, Pastor,
Mount Zion Apostolic Church
“Your proven ability to bring people together, coupled with your deep understanding of the Coty’s challenges and opportunities, uniquely position you as an excellent candidate for mayor. Your leadership has been instrumental in our ward and I am confident you can bring positive change for our entire city.”

Adel Shamin Resident  Ward 5
“I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the time and effort you put into supporting the successful motion in Council that allows me to continue my poultry hobby.    I can’t tell you how impressed and quite frankly, appreciative I felt when you so readily backed me up and got the job done. It restored my faith in municipal politics, I’ll tell you that!”

Richard Harris     Resident Ward 11
“Thank you Councillor Parrish for your support at Regional Council today. As a Peel Paramedic who began my career 30 years ago with the Region, your support is appreciated. You stood out today as a great leader and the people of your ward should be proud to have you represent them. Thank you again.”

Jen Ditommaso Peel Paramedic
“I want you to know, that over the years that I’ve gotten to know you, my admiration for your leadership, compassion and commitment to your community has only grown.      Normand Latourelle”

Creater of Cavalia and Illumi
“I would be pleased to provide any support for your campaign that I can. I firmly believe you are the right person to lead the city – a rare combination of experience, toughness and ability.”

Michael Foley
Recently retired Manager of Bylaw Enforcement
“As a lifelong friend and confidant of Hazel McCallion – in fact the Master of Ceremonies at her state funeral – I know how much she admired and respected Carolyn for her ability and work ethic. She often spoke of the incredible transformation of Malton during Carolyn’s tenure as councillor.”

Jim Murray
Order of Ontario Recipient
Commercial Real Estate professional
Chair, Hazel McCallion Foundation for the Arts
“My retirement email does not do Justice to how much I have appreciated working with you and your team. Your passion for the community and the City is only surpassed by your professionalism. It has been and honour and I wish you well in your future endeavours.”

Superintendent Rob Higgs
PRP 12 Divisions
“Ward 5 has never had such progressive, steady, honest and frankly successful representation as it has enjoyed during the years you have been there.”

Bob Delaney
Former MPP Mississauga Streetsville